Patello-Femoral Replacement

Patello-Femoral Replacement is a more conservative type of partial knee replacement that is designed to replace just the area under your kneecap – the patellofemoral compartment – while sparing the rest of the knee. Your doctor may determine that patellofemoral replacement is right for you if your patellofemoral compartment is significantly arthritic and your other two knee compartments are healthy.

Standard off-the-shelf patellofemoral implants have been available for many years. These off-the-shelf implants have a fixed shape and are available in a limited number of sizes. Results with these implants have not been as consistent as many surgeons would like. After trying off-the-shelf patellofemoral implants, many surgeons reverted to simply using a total knee replacement.

The kinematics Custom PFR was developed as a better solution for patients suffering from isolated patellofemoral disease.

What is the KineMatch Custom PFR?

The kinematics Custom PFR is a custom-made implant, designed and fabricated to fit your knee and only your knee. While off-the-shelf implant designs come in several sizes and are “fit” by cutting your bone to match the implant shape, the KineMatch Custom PFR takes the opposite approach by using a CT scan of your knee to create a virtual computer model of your knee and to fabricate an implant that fits your knee without cutting away your bone. This custom solution provides the opportunity to optimize the biomechanics of your knee.

The kinematics Custom PFR is considered a partial knee replacement, designed to address arthritis in just one portion of your knee – in this case, the patellofemoral compartment. The “PFR” in the name stands for “Patello-Femoral Replacement.”

Surgeons using the KineMatch Custom PFR note that their patients typically recover more quickly and experience less post-operative discomfort than total knee replacement patients. This can be attributed to the greatly reduced removal of bone, the significantly reduced surgical trauma, and the preservation of the medial, lateral, and cruciate structures of the knee. In addition to reduced pain and post-operative swelling, this leads to less post-operative physical therapy and an earlier return to function and daily activities.

If you and Dr. Sisto decide that you are a candidate for custom PFR, then you will be asked to undergo a CT scan of your knee. The CT scan itself takes about fifteen minutes. Your CT scan digital data will then be sent to Kinamed for the manufacture of the implant. Your custom-made PFR implant will then be ready for your surgery in approximately six weeks.
The surgery typically takes about an hour. In most cases, you will spend one night in the hospital after surgery. Your surgeon will probably want you up on your feet with the aid of crutches later during the day of the surgery and you will go home with the crutches. Most patients typically need the crutches only for a short while and are able to discontinue them more quickly than total knee replacement patients. Your post-operative recovery and physical therapy will be dependent on the extent of your pre-operative disability.

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