Partial Joint Arthroplasty

People seeking an alternative to total joint replacement surgery are finding answers at LAOI. For 20 years, our expert orthopedic surgeons have specialized in returning patients to an active, youthful, pain-free lifestyle with minimally invasive, partial joint arthroplasty for the treatment of degenerative arthritis in the knee and shoulder.

LAOI’s partial joint arthroplasty procedures have been tested and refined during years of clinical research performed by Dr. Dominick Sisto. Our original implant designs are recognized worldwide for excellence and innovation.

LAOI specializes in minimally invasive partial joint arthroplasty, including isolated patello femoral arthroplasty and single-compartment arthroplasty of the knee and shoulder. Many people who have been told they need total knee or shoulder replacement surgery experience less pain, a faster recovery, and a return to an active lifestyle with minimally invasive, partial joint arthroplasty.

Partial joint arthroplasty offers many advantages over total joint replacement. The incisions are smaller, there is less blood loss, and the remaining, normal articular cartilage and support structures are untouched while the diseased portions of the joint are repaired. People from across the country come to California to undergo partial joint arthroplasty at our center.

Partial joint arthroplasty offers many advantages over total knee or shoulder replacement surgery. The incisions are smaller, there is significantly less pain, and patients return to a more active lifestyle. In addition, only the diseased or worn-out compartment of the knee is replaced while the normal, remaining compartments are left untouched. Partial shoulder arthroplasty results in a greater range of motion and level of functioning than total shoulder replacement surgery.

A custom patellofemoral replacement can be an excellent option if your arthritis is limited to the patellofemoral joint. Dr. Sisto has published multiple studies with excellent results on this procedure. Click here to learn more about Patello-Femoral Replacement (PFR).

To be considered for partial joint arthroplasty of the knee or shoulder, patients must be evaluated at LAOI’s Cartilage Restoration Center (CRC). Treatment is based on the individual cartilage score and goals for recovery.

Our goal is to return each patient to a healthy, active lifestyle with less pain and scarring, and faster rehabilitation and recovery.

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