Our Practice

LAOI LA orthopedic practiceHistory

The Los Angeles Orthopedic Institute (LAOI) is one of California’s oldest and most respected orthopaedic practices. Founded in 1976 by Martin E. Blazina, MD, LAOI quickly become known for its progressive approach to treatment. Dr. Blazina’s visionary belief in the benefit of partial versus total joint replacement, studying sports to understand the causes of sports injuries, and rehabilitation’s role in the treatment of athletes formed the basis for our philosophy today. Our continued dedication to preserving our patients’ own knees, shoulders, and hips, avoiding full joint replacement surgery, and returning each person to a healthy, active lifestyle with less pain and scarring, and faster rehabilitation and recovery is rooted in our founding principles.

Clinical Research

We continue to break new ground by performing clinical research and publishing at least one peer-reviewed research article each year. Many of the surgical and diagnostic advances used in the practice grew out of our research.

Physician Training

Each year, our physicians are joined by a Sports Medicine Fellow who has completed his or her orthopaedic residency and wants more in-depth clinical study. The Fellow writes and publishes research articles based on his or her experiences with the practice. The research and education performed at LAOI shapes the future by providing valuable information that benefits our patients.